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EB3 - Somebody

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||EB3||; R&P (Rhythm & Pop) Rap Singer/Songwriter and self-proclaimed Project Celebrity, has dreams to conquer it all from music, film to fashion. Striving to become the ultimate performer day to day, EB3 stays on top of his game whether its appeal or desire. Dedicated and driven to become the next big star. For him, it’s not just about singing it’s about connecting with people and performing. Full of star quality and charisma he’s ready to take the stage, and claim the top and let the world know his name. Known to sing and dance spontaneously; the world is his stage. Pushing past whats already been done, a fresh face and new talent, EB3 knows his destiny and is the only one in control of it; So sit back, relax and enjoy the show because you are now rolling with the sounds of E.B.3.!

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