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  Diamondrecs is a newly built record company bringing you the hottest newest songs.From Country,Pop,R&B,Rap/Hip-Hop, and Rock.
Diamond Recs is growing tremendously and we will be growing with more genres and more talent.Contact us for Booking and Deals .

Diamond Recs is a Major Record Company that may join with other major labels in the near future for talent exchanges.If you are a major label and would like to contact Diamond Recs about a Label or Artist Deal Please use our contact form.
Feel free to explore our music store for our latest products and mp3 downloads. .

Explore Diamond Recs website for more info about our company and our artist.

Feel free to visit as often as you like.

If you have musical talent and would like to shop a record deal with Diamond Recs ,Submit your mp3 demo to us,  just CLICK HERE to sign up and submit your demo.

For other talent submissions related to the music industry CLICK HERE.
Thanks for visiting DiamondRecs .us

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